About BB Sound and Drone

BBSound now incorporates BB UAV Services. For the last year we have been providing a flexible option of using our Drone UAV service to capture stunning GV’s. With a PFCO qualified owner / operator already on location doing sound, you have the option to deploy our drone filming services when needed at very competitive rates. No need to hire a separate Drone operator with kit, no extra expenses incurred with travel and no extra accommodation or meal costs. Productions usually only use small amounts of drone footage and it therefore becomes uneconomical to hire an operator for the whole day. We realise this and so we offer UAV filming services as and when it is required at a lower daily rate too.

For the last year BBSound / BB UAV Services has been saving clients hundreds of pounds whilst offering the higher production value that UAV offers without breaking the budget. Many camera operators have drones and perhaps have the license to fly too. However, on many factual / documentary / corporate, most camera operators are too busy to rig a drone and get further shots. They are usually too busy mopping up GV’s after filming all the sync sound chats. Let’s face it, you can’t have enough GV’s for the edit. Sound is usually not required during these times which is where BB UAV Services comes in. We make use of this time to capture the aerial footage that gives your production the sprinkle of creative dust it needs.